News Flash! Edgy Country vibes are in right now!

Have you noticed a growing trend recently? We certainly have! Everywhere we go, we’re noticing products that have a distinct country meets city vibe to them and we are LOVING it! Not sure what we’re talking about? Let us help! If you’ve somehow missed the recent emergence of hair-on cowhides being used throughout the fashion and homewares industry, read on to find out all about the hottest new trend and why you should be jumping on board as well.
Where Is It Being Used?
The hair-on cowhide feature is predominantly being used in the fashion and homewares industries. These are two of the most versatile industries that see many changes in the popularity of certain products as trends go in and out of style each season.
At the moment we’re seeing lots of country-esque vibes make their way into products. No longer are we limited to sheepskin rugs and cow-hide throws. Now we’re seeing the versatile patterning spread to ottomans, cushions, bags, wallets and even phone covers! Not only that, but other edgy country styles are also making a statement - fringing, tassels, boots and more!
What Variations Can You Get?
One of the main reasons this trend has seemingly taken off so well is the true versatility of it. Take colouring for example. Designers can choose to utilise the beautiful natural colourings, or make a bold statement by choosing dyed/printed variations. Here at Outcrop Australia, we offer 5 completely unique colourings & patterns on all our cuffs. These include Brindle, Caramel Fleck, Salt and Pepper, Leopard Print and Zebra Print
Why Should You Get Into The Trend?
The main reason? The uniqueness of the product. Thanks to the beautiful natural characteristics of cowhide, no two products will be the same. Your piece will be completely yours thanks to the variations in the markings and prints. Still not sold? The quality of the material is incomparable, and if you purchase legitimate items from reputable sellers you can rest easy knowing your unique piece is going to last for a long, long time!
In fear of pointing out the obvious, there’s also the very large point to be made about the personality it brings into your home/wardrobe! Express yourself and your style with these pieces. Not only are they on trend but they bring a sense of warmth and homeliness with them. What’s not to love?!

If you’re loving the edgy country trend as much as we are right now, why not try it out for yourself? Before diving in the deep end and decking out your entire wardrobe and house with pieces, dip your toes in and see if it’s right for you. Our cuffs are the perfect starting point! All our pieces are lined with another piece of leather in order to provide extra stability, as well as a real softness inside, ensuring maximum comfort around the wrist.


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