Behind the scenes at Outcrop Australia!

It was hot!! It was the start of one of Sydney’s hottest summers on record! Our gorgeous model Kate turned up bright and early and right on time with a car full of cowboy boots, hats, make up and clothes … anything with an edgy county vibe that we could use for the shoot. 
The location was Hadden Farm in Wilberforce, a stunning horse agistment and beef cattle property on the outskirts of Sydney where Outcrop Australia was created.
Our trusty steed Oliver had been primped and preened the morning of the shoot…flowing mane and tail washed, brushed all over and ready for his debut into the modelling world.
Bree (me!) from Outcrop Australia was nervous but 3 cups of coffee that morning had sorted her out somewhat! 
First things first – work out the outfits that best matched the cuffs, find the ideal spaces to shoot in on the property and determine where the scorching November sun was going to move to during the course of the day so it didn’t adversely affect the shots.
Photographer Penny Clay and her able assistant Gerald were ready to rumble.
Shot 1
Taken on the stunning tree lined main driveway with Oliver the beautiful bay *Warmblood, this was to be one of the hero shots.  With Bree and farm staff jumping up and down behind the photographers, they managed to get the attention of gentle giant Oliver while a nervous Kate courageously cuddled, stroked and walked him up and down the drive.

Shot 2
An old bull stable on the property was last year converted into Bree’s studio. This was the location of shot 2, which was all going swimingly until Kenny the farm dog disappeared.  A quick drive around the ridge of the farm located him at the bottom shed and he was herded back up to the bull stable so the shot could be completed.

Shot 3
Randomly as Penny & Gerald were inside the studio looking at the shots taken so far, Penny noticed how the light had changed and how beautiful model Kate looked as she took her boots off… don’t you love spontaneous 5 minute shots that make the final cut of images to be used!

Shot 4
By now a light breeze was starting to pick up, so this was the perfect time to enact shot 4 which was Kate walking along a country road wearing a flowing kaftan, cuff on wrist, holding her felt hat from tumbling off her head.  Three walks back and forth along the road and the shot was nailed.

Shots 5 & 6
Luckily one of the fields on the property was yet to be slashed so this was the perfect spot for the second last shots of the day.  A huge Australian flag was hoisted over Kate and the breeze had changed to a summer wind just in time to billow the flag around while she walked through the field. A quick change of cuff and hat, and with Kate reaching down to pick strands of love grass, shot 6 was complete.

Shot 7
The final image for the day was taken at the properties cattle yards – the rusty old fence creating the perfect climbing frame for Kate, who never complained once about having to step up and down about 25 times on the fence to get the shot.

All in all a super successful day on an amazing property, with wonderful people coming together to make it happen.  Special thanks to Brinkley who prepared Oliver for the shoot, Kate who came all the way from the Northern Beaches to Wilberforce to model, and Penny & Gerald for their patience and persistence to get the right shots on a hot sweaty day!



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